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Ebi Akpeti

Her most popular book was turned into a screen play and was one of the highest grossing books to screen production in West Africa in 2011

The Perfect Church

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A Prison with Golden Gates

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Scheduled to be released in December 2021.



Released Books

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The Perfect Church

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Growing Pains

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God Has A Sense Of Humor

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Uncle Bolu



Fascinating and gripping stories with twist and appreciable measure of humorous bumps

Daily Independent

Weaved around plots that are intriguing and full of suspense

News Digest International

Highly captivating

Daily Sun



Ebi Akpeti is a Nigerian born United States based Author.


Her books have received great reviews in local and international press.  Her most popular book “The Perfect Church” was turned into a screenplay and was one of the highest grossing book to screen production in West Africa in 2011.


Ebi is passionate about the younger generation and hopes that her stories will serve to make this world a better place for them.


Ebi has a graduate degree in Media and Communications and has worked with some top-notch organizations in Nigeria and in the USA.


She lives in Texas with her family.



For any media inquiries, please contact Kedrick Woodson:

Tel: 8324989658 | ebiakpeti@gmail.com

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